Changelog - check_synology.php

Version 1.20220329
correct debug mode
change mode raid (usage), add name

Version 1.20220218
check raid status correction
Thank's to Antoine 

Version 1.20211206
help added version and contact

Version 1.20211004
add disksmart

Thank's to Joel

Version 1.20210828
check disk status correction
Thank's to Joel

Version 1.20210717
check ups usage seconds instead of minutes

Version 1.20210620
corrected warning/critical raid usage

Version 1.20210526
corrected typo error

Version 1.20210319
corrected raid usage (GB instead of MB)

Version 1.20210316
add uptime
update information, if there is no connection to NAS

Version 1.20210308
changed decimal point from comma to point
Thanks to "sziloo" from

Version 1.20210226
add minutes to perfdata ups

Version 1.20210215
add check network

Version 1.20210205
corrected cpu (iowait)

Version 1.20210204
add check total disk status (-m disk -t status) - 256 disks
warning if disk Initalized or NotInitalized is greater 0 or critical disk SystemPartitionFailed or Crashed is greater 0

Version 1.20210124
minor bugs fixes

Version 1.20210111
add check ups

Version 1.20210106
add check cpu and memory usage 

Version 1.20210105
changed status, if there is no raid or raid number
changed status, if the disc number does not exist

Version 1.20210104
corrected TB warning and critical value performance data