Changelog - check_openhab.php

Version 1.20240513
corrected number (warning/critical)

Version 1.20231121
corrected errors php 8.1
add -A (average of a number since a date and a starting number)

Version 1.20220614state+ sort
group sort
gcontact/gcontact+ sort
gwitch/gswitch+ sort

Version 1.20220328
correct debug mode

Version 1.20220208
changed state+/gcount(+) and gswitch(+) (no counting DISABLED thing)
add -t to contact(+)/state(+) 

Version 1.20220129
add -t to get thing state of a tested item

Version 1.20220103
minor bugs fixes

Version 1.20211206
help added version and contact

Version 1.20210629
changed state+ unknown and perfdata

Version 1.20210610
change unique to -U
add -u user and -p password

Version 1.20210520
add -C [configfile] and -u =unique

Version 1.20210517
add numbertype Lightsensor and every unit

Version 1.20210422
add -gl group label

Version 1.20210412
add -l label

Version 1.20210405
add GSwitch/GSwitch+
add GContact/GContact+

Version 1.20210402
add Group

update information, if there is no connection 

Version 1.20210203
add State+ (total of Things Online/ Offline with warning and critcal)

Version 1.20210124
minor bugs fixes

Version 1.20210115
add String and String+ to find not, or find a string in a item 

 Version 1.20210113
add Token (possible since openhab 3.0)
debug now with api output 

Version 1.20210112
add Contact+ and Switch+ to change OK/CRITICAL state

Version: 1.20202127
first Release